Software Engineer - Product

We're looking for a fullstack software engineer to join our product team.

Built Software is a small developer team with offices in Dublin and Berlin. We build version 1 web and mobile products using Ruby on Rails for clients that range from small startups to multinational enterprises. Their industries run a gamut from Music to Agriculture. 

Our Focus

Our client work has three big focuses:

1. Be fast.  Clients understand product better than specs. We try to ship a lot. We're focused on bringing high quality products to market and starting new businesses. 

2. Focus on client success. If we take a client on, the product that we build them will work within the timeframe we specify, for their next business goal. 

3. Communicate. We communicate with our clients a lot, through in person meetings, our internal project management system, and through the provision of working prototypes throughtout the build process. 

Our ideal candidate:

These focuses require a certain type of engineer. The right candidate can:

1. Rapidly build high-quality Rails Applications. A good candidate will be be strong at HTML/CSS/JS, SQL, deployments, debugging, refactoring, design patterns and other software techniques. 

2. Meet with our clients weekly to demo, discuss product decisions, and receive feedback. We need our engineers to contribute to our clients' product roadmaps. This involves both creative and technical direction.

3. Be proud of what you build. Our engineers should ship ~1 product per month, and it should be incredible for both its quality and speed of delivery.

The type of person we're looking to hire, will be a good CTO in a short period of time. The right candidate will agree that coding is easy and fun. Seeing the business implications of technology decisions for clients with a wide range of business models is the real challenge. 

Outside of Rails we work a lot with Ember.js, iOS and Android. Our tech stack is normally Ember, Rails, Postgres, Linux on Heroku. We use Github, and perform continuous integration with CircleCI. A large amount of our enterprise work requires us to write Services in an SOA setup.

Working at Built Software:


Our salaries are commensurate with experience. We also provide performance related pay incentives. The office is in a beautiful Georgian building on Fitzwilliam Street. We frequently block off a week to learn new skills, or build our own products.