Operations Assistant

Built Software are looking for an adaptable, entrepreneurial Operations Assistant who we can train to perform functions across our organisation. 

Built's primary business is building web and mobile products for businesses ranging from startups to multinational enterprises. Throughout 2016, we will be expanding our services through the launch of several new ventures ranging from products through to events. 

We're looking for someone who can learn to do what we do, which includes: 

- market analysis 

- business plan and pitch deck preparation

- host customer development meetings 

- event planning

- cold calling for marketing and sales

- inbound marketing and online advertising management

- UX Research and Product Management

- document and automate project management using tools like Zapier, Trello and anythin else that might be appropriate

This position will be focused on developing the individual to become a core part of our team within a short timeframe. For this reason the workload will be challenging. Compensation will be commesurate with experience. Clear milestones and timelines for salary advancement will be defined within a 3 month probation period.