Web and Mobile Development.

We partner with ambitious organisations and entrepreneurs to build the foundations for technology driven new businesses.

Our Services
Design and Spec

A designer and developer work with you for one week to develop a clickable, high fidelity prototype.

We also provide a high-level technical scope and roadmap.

Average price €3,000 with one week delivery time

Design, Spec and Development

We provide a designer and two developers.

Our team works with Ruby on Rails for web development, and React Native for iOS and Android apps.

Average price €35,000 for 4 weeks of development with 12 week delivery time.

Support and Maintenance

On-going maintenance, performance monitoring and small feature development.

We can also provide support, pair-programming and mentorship to existing teams, or a "CTO-as-a-service".

Average price €3,200 per month. Minimum 3 month engagement time.

Who We Work With
How we work

Small batches, high quality

Built is a boutique agency. We take on a maximum of 10 projects per year. We look for projects that have an ambition to scale. We look for projects where we can make a difference.

If you are hiring us, you probably have a plan to build your own engineering team. We are a solution that separates that as a concern from getting launched.

Our team has been working with startups since 2009, across Europe and the US. The companies we have worked with from an early stage have grown from zero to a combined valuation of over $1 billion.

This has given us a view of the technical, design and organisational challenges that a high growth startup will face.

If you work with us, we will push you to do the things we believe matter the most:

  • Launch early.
  • Prioritise development around where meaningful cash will come from next. This could be a customer or investor target.
  • Build to learn. Optimise for weekly releases. This helps make it a habit within an organisation to use product and analytics with real customers to answer questions and speed up decision making.
  • We usually use Ruby on Rails, Heroku and React Native. Technology discussions can waste a lot of time. These technologies are productive for developers, easy to hire for, and easy to reason about if you discover you need to make a change in the future to resolve a defined problem.