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We are a team of programmers and designers who make mobile and web applications from our offices in Dublin and Berlin. As a team, we've built over 20 products for clients and for ourselves. This experience has made us fast at bringing a new idea to market. Our core competency is rapid development.

We build web applications using Ruby on Rails. We build mobile applications for iOS and Android. We also work with a large range of technologies for our enterprise integrations. 

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Our Work

Our clients have ranged from small startups to large multinational enterprises. We've had the opportunity to work with some brilliant entrepreneurs, and provide consultancy throughout our process on lessons learned and best practices for new application and business development.

Our clients have taught us to build quickly, communicate effectively, release often and plan for project handoff from day one. 

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Case Study: Sproose

Sproose is a startup from Dublin who provide laundry and dry cleaning services on demand. They required web and mobile applications that allowed their first users to order services, schedule pickup and drop-off times, and make a payment.

The Built team identified an opportunity for them to gain an advantage over competitors by establishing themselves as the first cross-platform service. They already had the best customer service in the market, and have all of the entrepreneurial hustle of our most successful clients.

Case Study
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